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    My name is Scot Kornak and I’m with BusBoard Prototype Systems, a Calgary company (www.BusBoard.com).
    We were at the Calgary Mini-Maker Faire in September giving a workshop on how to use a breadboard to make a blinky light circuit. Our booth was right next to the DML booth.

    We’re taking that workshop and turning it into an educational kit called “Junior Genius Kit #1-Blinky Lights”.

    I’m interested in working with the DML community to learn what teacher resources we can add to a classroom version of the kit to make it as useful as possible in schools.

    We did two workshops at Notre Dame high school in November to get some experience teaching basic electronics to a group. The first workshop focused on how to use a breadboard. The second session was a “how to solder” workshop where we soldered the blinky light circuit on a PCB. The students and teachers were members of the Maker Club at the school. I was impressed that a majority of the students were able to finish in just a few a hours. Most hadn’t done soldering before.

    Cheers! Scot

    • Hey Scot,

      It was great chatting to you at Maker Faire and we are glad that you joined the community as we are looking for experts to provide insight and answer questions. Make sure to tell others as the community is just getting going.