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Who We Are

Jeremy and Brian are two Calgary teachers and leaders that believe in the power of Design Thinking as a vital tool for instructional design and learning. Their experiences have given them a diverse skill set as, between the two, they have taught from K-12 in both regular and specialized settings.

As teachers, leaders, and program developers they have learned one thing about themselves: they have always believed in the power of making, tinkering, and design thinking in both education and in their personal lives. They are now seeking to share their understanding, gained through years of classroom experience, with other educators.

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What We Do

Making, tinkering and designing are not new concepts in formal education. From Jean Piaget to Gary Stager, both theorists and practitioners across decades of practice have shown the power of ‘learning by doing.’ Making and tinkering, two relatively new terms in education, are based on these theories of both learning and instruction. Inspired by the Maker Movement, there is a growing push for educators to incorporate making and tinkering as a part of their practice in order to increase student engagement and deepen understanding through hands-on application of skills and concepts.

While making and tinkering are powerful learning tools in their own right, it is when they are combined with the design thinking process that their potential can be truly harnessed.

We believe in the power of making, tinkering, and design thinking in education and business.

Hence our name: Design, Make, Learn.


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